Turning Challenges into Opportunities

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It has been a year of upheaval for the European natural gas industry, especially for the markets of gas transport and storage in which the sector has been and will continue to be  heavily tangled with geopolitical issues with regards to the Ukrainian conflict.

This  event again will highlight the EU’s long-lasting concern with the Security of Gas Supply, as well as stimulated the argument on the dependency on Russian Gas. Other factors such as climate change, gas prices, and regulations are all contributing to this volatile environment in which the current market players are all looking for answers to what will the future hold.

Discover what this unmissable programme will offer you – download the brochure today and benefit from two speaker interviews with RWE’s Michael Kohl and European Gas Transport & Storage Summit chair, Dr Peter Klingenberger. Download today.

  • Dissecting the Ukrainian crisis and the impact of the geopolitical issue on the European gas market
  • Understanding dynamics of the security of supply and security of demand
  • Building a successful business model in the challenging conditions of the gas storage market
  • Assessing the gas transport and storage development within the CEE and Black Sea regions, and successfully identifying the exciting investment opportunities
  • Minimising risks of the possible gas supply disruptions by examining the new pipeline projects and new routes
  • Applying the innovative technologies to maximise productivity and operations

  • Breakfast Briefing – An exciting opportunity to join industry peers for breakfast and an interactive discussion about forecasting the gas market behaviours and gas prices
  • The Big Debate – Highlighting the NATO and Russian Government’s perspectives, the Debate will be analysing issues such as Security of Supply vs Security of Demand, the Sanction Effects, Russian Economic Structure in the future, and the Global Gas Market Configuration
  • Mini-Series – Featuring speakers from the CEE region (Lithuania, Hungary, Bulgaria) and Black Sea (Turkey), this session will provide more insights into the booming GTS development in the regions
  • Round Table – The regulations are of paramount importance to the European gas market, we invite policy and regulation authorities to assess the current status of European regulatory regimes, as well as sharing the best-practices to successfully stay on top of the regulations